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Our Master Miller is always searching for the perfect balance of fruitiness, pungency and bitterness. Our latest creations include several different types of oils, ranging from smooth, buttery Spanish-style blends to spicy, peppery Italian-style blends and fruit flavored oils in-between.

A Word About Freshness
Olive oil is a perishable product. Unlike some wines, it does not improve with age. We recommend that you store olive oil in a cool, dark place. This means that you should not store it on a kitchen counter or in that cabinet you may have above the stove. To preserve the taste, olive oil should be enjoyed within several weeks of opening (although we’re told our oils are so tempting that they rarely last that long.)

Tasting Tips
To best judge the flavor of an olive oil, experts recommend that you first warm it up slightly and aerate the blend (usually by swirling). Next, take a deep aromatic whiff and when you sip, pass the oil to the back of your throat and swallow. Only then is the true and complete flavor of the oil released.

Tasting Trivia

  • Olive oil tasting judges always taste in blue glasses so that the hue of the oil does not color their perception of its flavor.
  • Extra virgin olive oil must meet specific standards for 20 laboratory tests and must pass a taste test by an International Olive Council (IOC) recognized panel.
  • Different milling processes and varieties of olives can greatly influence the flavor of the final olive oil product.

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